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Christopher Wooley

Sunset view of Santa Barbara after a recent gig at Fess Parker Resort

my "gig-rigs" & guitars

Here's my new Lanakai Koa Ukulele..... I use it for "Over The Rainbow", "Hey Soul Sister", "One Love" by Bob Marley, even some U2 & Beatles songs...  It's got my favorite Fishman pick-up built-in, so I can play it through my amplifier, just like an acoustic/electric guitar.

     I've been playing lots of ukulele lately, it's a great sound that really lends itself to a surprising number of songs, from Bob Marley to U2 to The Beatles.... Since the concert ukulele only has 4 strings, it isn't possible to play all the parts in certain songs, like "Here Comes The Sun" or "Hotel California".... To accomplish this, I made a hybrid instrument with 6 strings, strung & tuned exactly the same as my ukulele. It's much smaller than a guitar, about the same size as a tenor ukulele, but the 2 added strings allow me to play all the parts, and still retain that beautiful ukulele "island-vibe"... It's got my favorite Fishman pickup built-in & it sounds incredible... Between these 3 instruments, I can play anything..... Here they are, all lined up & ready for work, at The Sea & Sand Resort in Laguna Beach

     When I play a Beach Wedding, or a location without AC power, I bring a different set of equipment.....

I can use any one of my Acoustic / Electric guitars & ukuleles, and I have a battery powered amplifier, a Roland "Street Cube". I can plug a microphone and guitar or ukulele into this amp, with separate controls for each. This is an extremely portable & versatile system for smaller gatherings, in unique locations...

Here's a photo of a soundcheck at Pebble Beach !

Part of the fun is the guitars & all the toys..... I'm honored to be an official Taylor Guitars artist and to play Taylor Guitars at every performance & recording session. .... Bob Taylor has created some of the most incredible-sounding acoustic guitars I've ever played.... My main instrument is a 2013 Taylor custom drednaught Acoustic/Electric Guitar, equipped with a Fishman Presys Blend pickup system, and a wide variety of amplifiers for every application, from Beach Weddings with zero electricity to concert venues... I can easily patch into any large-scale sound system using 2 direct-boxes . I also use a Taylor GS-Mini guitar,. Fender Telecaster and an Epiphone J-45, all equipped with the same Fishman pick-up systems.. For amplification, I use 2 Fishman Loudbox Mini's & 2 Roland Street Cubes, depending on the type & size of the venue. These particular set-ups provide exceptional sound for acoustic guitar and voice, requiring practically zero space....