Every event is different, so every event requires different music. Sometimes the occasion calls for beautiful melodies & no vocals, familiar songs in a background setting. I'm not a Classical or Spanish guitarist, but I can play many popular songs as instrumentals, without vocals. Whether it's Pachelbel's Canon In D for a wedding ceremony or standards like "La Vie En Rose" or "What A Wonderful World", I can play pretty melodies to set the proper mood & well known songs from a wide variety of artists from The Beatles to U2, from The Zac Brown Band to Sting. I'll continue to add examples to this page, but here's a couple of familiar songs so you can hear what I sound like......

"What A Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong

Be sure to look both directions when you cross Abbey Road

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Vocals  Guitars  Ukulele.

"Free" by The Zac Brown Band

Instrumental Music

"Here Comes The Sun" by The Beatles

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I played a really fun event in Newport beach, on the waterfront... The artistic client sent me this !

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"Bad" by U2

Christopher Wooley