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Here's another great Ed Sheeran song,Tenarife Sea", recorded at Elwood Bluff in Santa Barbara, just before the Bride arrived

I recorded this ukulele version of "Over The Rainbow" from my studio chair, just to quickly send to Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas

This was a soundcheck at The Vancouver Convention Center for a couple thousand Purina employees & dealers,.... Listen to the natural reverb in this huge room.... I didn't have a monitor, the speakers all faced the front & the JumboTron screens made me look like the Wizard Of Oz..... pretty funny, but a great gig - They've hired me for events throughout the US & Canada since 2013. We did it again at the Montage in Beverly Hills.

"Just The Two Of Us" by Bill Withers, recorded at The Village Mall in Woodland Hills

"3 Little Birds" by Bob Marley, recorded from my studio chair...

I was headed up to Yosemite to play a gig at Tenaya Lodge, so I stopped nearby to find a practice spot for the Harry Connick Jr. song I needed to play..... here ya go.

"Can't Find My Way Home" by Steve Winwood & Eric Clapton... Recorded "live" in Philippe's studio, with Philippe Willems on Lead Guitar...

These songs were all recorded "Live" during gigs, soundchecks, or impromptu rehearsals...  One take only, no second chance, straight through, no studio trickery, no overdubs,fixed mistakes, or "auto-tune" nonsense. These are meant to give you an accurate idea of what I sound like every day...

I hope you enjoy 'em !..... This first song is "Back In The High Life" by Steve Winwood, recorded at a lunchtime outdoor gig at The Village Mall in Woodland Hills.

Just rehearsing one of my favorite songs, Ed Sheeran's big hit, "Thinking Out Loud"... my dog doesn't care

Vocals  Guitars  Ukulele.

"Don't Dream It's Over" by Crowded House, also with Philippe Willems on second guitar

Christopher Wooley

songs to hear now.....